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Drink Drive Courses

The Drink Drive Training Scheme

The Drink Drive Training Scheme

At the end of the 1980s the Government commissioned a review of the UK Road Traffic Law. One of the major recommendations made by the Review Committee was for a long term experiment to provide alcohol awareness training for drink-drive offenders, with the aim of reducing the re-offend rate.

The Scheme was introduced on a trial basis in 1993 in 19 Courts across the UK.

The experiment ran for 6 years, during which the Department for Transport contracted the Transport Research Laboratory to capture data about those who were prosecuted for drink driving and to analyse the effectiveness of the training courses.

The results showed that in the trial areas, the re-offend rate was reduced by nearly 60%.

Due to the success of the experiment, an Order in 1999 changed the trial to a permanent Scheme available in all Courts throughout the UK. 

If you are charged with a drink driving offence, the Court may offer you the opportunity to attend a Drink Drive Rehabilitation Course. The offer is at the Court's discretion, taking the circumstances of your case into account.

Similarly, if offered the course, you are under no obligation to accept and you will not receive any additional penalty if you decline the offer. However, if you are referred for training and complete the course, your period of disqualification will be reduced by up to 25%.

A referral to this course does not mean the Court think you are an alcoholic; neither is it intended to punish you further. The aim is to ensure you have sufficient information to make a valued judgement about your alcohol consumption and your ability to drive safely.

Drink Driving Courses

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