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The items listed below link to separate Web sites providing detailed information on a wide range of related subjects.  The contents of the following sites are provided as an information guide only. VMCL has no control over the content of the following pages and therefore accepts no responsibility for any errors, omissions, or misleading statements on these pages or any site to which these pages connect.

Government and Legal

Court Service

    The Court Service is responsible for running most of the Courts and Tribunals in England and Wales

Government Statistics

    This is the UK's home of official statistics reflecting Britain's economy, population and society at national and local level

 Magistrates' Association

Scottish Government

Scottish Courts

    This site provides an access point to information relating to all Civil and Criminal Courts within Scotland

Driving and Transport

Department for Transport

    For all the latest information about transport and road safety

Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency - DVLA

    A very useful reference point for details regarding driving licence applications

Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents - Rospa

    Rospa provides information, advice, resources and training and is actively involved in the promotion of safety in all areas of life

Transport Research Laboratory - TRL

    Here you can find information on the various activities, projects and research reports undertaken by the TRL

Drugs and Alcohol

Alcohol Concern

Alcohol Education and Research Council - AERC

    This council administers the Alcohol Education and Research Fund which finances education, research and novel forms of help for those with drinking problems



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