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Government Legislation



In 1988, the UK Government introduced the Road Traffic Offenders' Act.  Included in this Act are several sections about drink driving offences.

The Act sets out:

    - when a driver is deemed to be under the influence of drink or drugs

    - the procedure for taking breath, blood and urine tests

    - the definition of the ‘prescribed limit’ of alcohol allowed

      As a result of the Act, it became possible for police officers to ascertain whether a person is in a fit condition to be in control of a motor vehicle and to detain anyone they considered to be breaking the law. It also states that anyone who refuses to take a breath, blood or urine test is also committing an offence.

      In 1991, the UK Government passed the Road Traffic Act which includes references to drink drive offences and changes to the 1988 Road Traffic Offenders’ Act.

      The 1991 Act explains:

      • that the term 'motor vehicle' in the 1988 Act should be changed to 'mechanically propelled vehicle'
      • the introduction of an experiment, whereby a person can obtain a reduction in his/her ban in return for attending a rehabilitation course (called the Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme)
      • the amount of reduction in the ban permitted under the Act
      • how to calculate the date by which courses should be completed
      • details of completion and non-completion certificates
      • the definition of a course organiser and a supervising Court
      • the length of the experimental period and the actions to be taken after that period

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