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One of the many complications of being picked up for drink driving is that when you start to drive again, your insurance premium will be increased.

A recent trend is for some insurance companies to increase the premium by a small amount, but to include a compulsory excess (the amount you have to pay out of your own funds for any claim you make). Both the amount of the excess and the time span of its application will vary from case to case.

However, an increasing number of insurance companies now recognise the benefits of the Drink Drive Scheme and will offer discounts, providing you send them a photocopy of your Completion Certificate. We will provide you with details of insurance companies and brokers offering discounts when we send your Completion Certificate to you.

When you get your licence back, it is important to shop around for your insurance and obtain several quotes. The variation in premiums can be considerable.

The premium will be increased due to your drink drive conviction, but may then be reduced in recognition of completing the rehabilitation course. Both the initial premium and reduction are dependent on the usual parameters associated with car insurance: your age, type of vehicle, type of cover required, driving experience, driving and insurance history etc.

The details of insurance companies and brokers included with the Completion Certificate are mostly provided by past students who were able to obtain favourable terms.

The question of insurance premiums and reductions are the sole responsibility of the insurance company or broker. We cannot enter into any correspondence on this subject and give no guarantees that an insurance company is able to provide a discount in your particular case.

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