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Information for Solicitors and Courts

Information for Solicitors and Courts

The Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme has been thoroughly tested and monitored by the Government over a number of years and is proven to reduce the re-offend rate by nearly 60%. It is an ideal disposal for the offence of Drink Driving, to be used in conjunction with a disqualification period, plus a fine, community service, probation order or custodial sentence, as the severity of the offence dictates.

If as a Court Official or Magistrate, you are unfamiliar with the Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme, this section of the Web site explains the procedures and includes a link to the Guidelines issued by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.

If your work as a solicitor brings you into contact with drink drive offenders, it is important for you to understand the background of the Rehabilitation Scheme and how it operates.

Here we explain how the Scheme originated and provide details of what to expect at the Court Hearing.  There is also information about the offender's right of appeal against the issue of a Non-Completion Certificate by the Training Provider.

The governing rules and regulations are contained within Guidelines issued by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).  This information will also be of use to Court Officials new to the Scheme and their Administration Teams, who may require background information about the documentation they process. One of our objectives in producing this section of the website is to help ensure the smooth flow of documentation and information in both directions.

Probation Officers and Criminal Justice Social Workers wishing to know more about the procedures surrounding the Drink Drive Scheme will also find this section useful.

A full copy of the DVSA Technical Guidelines governing the operation of the DDR Scheme by both the Courts and Training Providers can be found here: 

DVSA Guidelines


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