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The aim of this Website is to explain the Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme in detail to provide information about alcohol and other drugs.

Being arrested, charged and found guilty of a Drink Driving offence is a traumatic experience. Few people realise the implications before it happens to them; loss of driving licence, a criminal record for life, a heavy fine maybe even a custodial sentence, a requirement to declare the fact on job applications for five years (Rehabilitation of Offenders Act), and if your partner can't drive you experience problems with shopping, ferrying your children around, getting to social events and even holidays.

The undisputed fact is that even a small amount of alcohol can impair your driving and the only safe approach is not to drink and drive.

This part of the Web site provides important information about Court procedures. If you have been charged with a drink drive offence, read through the sections in the left hand menu to gain a better understanding of the Scheme.

Drink Driving Courses

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