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After the Course

After the Course

If you are approaching the end of your driving ban, you will probably be keen to get back on the road. This section of the Web site provides you with details of how to do this and what to expect.

On no account must you be tempted to drive before your ban ends. It is quite common for Courts to consider a short prison sentence for disqualified drivers who are caught driving.

To obtain your Completion Certificate, you must pay your fee in full and complete your training before the date set by the Court, having fully participated to the best of your ability.  We will then send you a copy of your Certificate, which you should retain as evidence of having completed the course. Our Administration Office send the top copy of your Completion Certificate to the Court, who in turn amend their records and advise the DVLA Swansea by means of another form.

It is important you understand this process. The Court is always sent the original copy of your Completion Certificate the same day that we post the duplicate copy to you. If, when you apply for your licence, the DVLA return your application because they have no record of you completing the course, it is simply because the Court has not yet had the opportunity to forward the necessary documentation to the DVLA.

Such circumstances are rare, but if this does happen you must contact the Court and ask them to fax the necessary details to the DVLA as a matter of urgency.

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